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We Are Adding New Models In Time For Holiday Entertaining

Whether you want a speaker system for home entertainment, a mobile one for taking with you or even one for karaoke- we have something for you and the loved ones on your holiday shopping list.  All our Bluetooth LED Speakers are from Technical Pro, who has been making quality speakers since 2002.

Come in today to see our selection and remember we offer no credit financing!

Some models may change throughout the holiday season

PVolt 15" Bluetooth LED Loudspeaker

The PVolt Loudspeaker  by Technical Pro is their line of higher powered active loudspeakers. For live shows, the PVolt boasts a peak power output of 3000 watts, more than enough to fill mid to large size venues with full-bodied audio. In addition, the PVolt comes with a whopping 15” woofer for crushing bass drops. You can also hook up a microphone and guitar directly to the PVolt via its included guitar and mic input ports, both of which come with separate volume controls.

For recorded playback the PVolt sports a variety of inputs. With Bluetooth® capabilities you can connect smartphones and other devices directly to the speaker to stream your own music. Music can also be streamed via the PVolt USB port, and SD card slot and other devices can be connected by the unit’s 2 RCA input ports. For a stunning visual display, the PVolt also comes with LED effects.

wave15 pkg

Wave15 Package- Rechargeable Active Bluetooth LoudSpeaker with LED Light

The Wave15  is a great party speaker and a powerful outdoor music and speech delivery system. This speaker comes with wheels and a telescoping handle. It has a rugged hard shell that will take the knocks that can occur during transport. The speaker is great for being on tour, for getting to outdoor venues, or for providing music at a one off event. If your bar is not secure and in a rough neighborhood, taking the music system home with you would be a good idea – and this is the speaker you should choose.

You don’t have to rely on the wireless functionality of the speaker – you can plug it into the power supply if there is one available. You can play music off an MP3 player or an iPhone via a USB socket and there is a slot that takes an SD memory card. In addition to the wireless microphone you also get a corded mic with this package. The speaker has controls for two microphones, so you can have both the wireless and corded mics active at the same time. There is also a socket to plug an electric guitar into the speaker.

xAqua- Explosive Waterfall Speaker System

With integrated disc lights and LED Lights this speaker system will be the center of your party. Designed with 10 8″ glow woofers, digital display and wheels for easy moving, you can take it where ever the party goes. With a 5 band equalizer that adjusts output over key ranges, you know the music will sound amazing


Party10 Rechargeable Loudspeaker with Mic

The Party10 is a midsize loudspeaker with a rechargeable battery ideal for taking the party outdoors and anywhere else with limited access to power. For additional playback time, the Party10 can also be powered via car power systems. The Party10 supports input from a variety of sources common to the average listener making it the complete speaker system while eliminating the need for receivers and amplifiers. In addition, the Party10 comes with a wireless microphone and input port for a wired microphone to accommodate announcements and singing. 

At peak, the Party10 puts out 1,500 Watts of power helping it blanket larger areas in sound while preserving audio quality. For crushing bass drops and clear highs, the Party10 sports a large 10” woofer Piezo Tweeter. Together, these ensure the Party10 delivers the best sound over any range.


Party 10

Water Resistant Bluetooth xBoom with USB & SD Card

The xBoom is the perfect portable boombox, whether outside by a campfire or just dancing around the house, this water resistant boombox gives you up to 5 hours of play with a rechargable battery and a shoulder strap for easy carrying

Pro 3,500 Watt Rack System

Whether you a throwing a huge party, or just sitting at home with a few close friends, this is the Bluetooth rack system for you. Its 3,500 watt amplifier will blow your friends away with stunning sound clarity and power. If it’s more of a chill night, then just take advantage of the dual 15 band EQ to tailor the listening experience and create the perfect vibe.

The 3,500 Watt Rack System is an all-in-one entertainment experience not only offering the highest quality sound in the industry and unprecedented playback versatility, but you will also wow your guests with an amazing LED Spectrum Display that lights up with the music. You can even watch your favorite movies on the built-in DVD player with USB, SD card, and DivX support.

Pro 3,5000 watt rack system
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